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Airfoil International

Airfoil International is active in design, manufacturing and distribution of heavy duty axial fans for industry applications.

AIRFOIL International axial flow fans are typically high performing, thanks to the innovative blades section which have been own designed, developed and used in all of the manufactured impellers. Long testing phases carried out in a testing tunnel built in accordance with BS 848 standards, made it possible to develop highly reliable operating charts. In addition, impeller and fan case are own manufactured, thus making it possible to monitor constantly the various manufacturing stages, and to obtain high-quality products.

AIRFOIL INTERNATIONAL made of servicing and after-sales assistance one of its strengths, by cooperating with its customers also during the designing stage of systems, and participating in addressing and solving various development-related issues, including those associated with noise, that nowadays are so noteworthy.

AIRFOIL INTERNATIONAL, in addition to its range of standard solutions, can design and develop specific products, according to the size and performance requirements of different systems.

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